Xin-Min elementary school is located at Tianzhong Township, Changhua County.




The history of Xin-Min elementary school


Fourteen years ago, Tianzhong elementary school was the only elementary school around the area of Tianzhong Township, and it faced the problem of student over-populate. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of too many students, the Changhua County Government decided to found a new school.

Special credit to the support of Changhua County Magistrate and Changhua County Council, the school only spend half amount of time, money and man power compare to the other eleentary school in Changhua. In order for Xin-Min Elementary School to become the new generation elementary school in Changhua, the local governments, Changhua Education Bureau, professors and Le-jing Jiang the architect have both make great efforts to allow Xin-Min Elementary School to be founded in a very short amount of time. The design is extraordinary with sustainable materials which are qualified to be name as the green campus. In addition, wardens that are close to Xin-Min Elementary School have also put in enormous amount of resources to help establish Xin-Min elementary school.    

Tianzhong Township is a great place, it is surrounded by mountains and the people here are kind and generous. In Xin-Min Elementary School we believe education is the best investment in determining the future of children, let us work together to ensure our kids can become the best in the near future.




The school architectural planning


The architect Le-jing Jiang had decided to design Xin-Min Elementary School by combining the countryside flair and modern inspiration together. She conceptualised the traditional San-Ho-Yuan style into school design. The idea of San-Ho-Yuan also implied the meaning of gathering, gaming and running. The architect hoped that the student can enjoy their childhoods in a stress-free atmosphere. The music programs play an important role in the school curriculum, so she visualized that students can be seen everywhere with a musical instrument and random playing, in the bridge, in the corridor, and in any space where you can feel comfortable.

Since the elevation of the base is much lower than the road surface, under the concept of reducing the cost of the project and minimising the damage to the base. Therefore, we decided to leave the pond in the central area and the natural plants around it. We believed that this will provide our student the chance to experience the mother natural. 









Education goal

Xin-Min elementary school aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and resilient young people who achieve their potential which encourages intercultural understanding and respect for all.


Administration goal

P       Teachers are student centered.

P       Stress free environment.

P       Establishing the meaning of character education; defining "respect, integrity, perseverance and courage".

P       Developing art education that "continues tradition, enriches life, and shapes aesthetics".        

P       To promote the ability of students to strengthen language skills, apply information, and look forward to the future.


Campus planning process


The County Government approved the formal establishment of Xin-Min elementary school


The County Government chose Mr. Junxun Huang as the first president of the school


Founded the preparatory office of Xin-Min elementary school.

2003.2.7 - 2003.4.4

Changhua Education Bureau held five case planning and design advisory committee conferences.


Tianzhong township hosted district division coordination conference.


Hosted presentation about the design of the school.

2003.6.12 - 2003.7.6

Changhua Education Bureau held construction budget examination.


Examined the budget for earthwork backfilling.


Public funding project for earthwork backfilling.


Public funding for first stage construction.


The first stage project started.


The first stage project finished.


Xin-Min elementary school officially started.


Public funding for the second stage project.


The second stage finished.


The scale of Xin-Min elementary school

P       The school covers a total area of 1.972ha.  

P       Total cost (First stage): NT $111,860,000. National Education Department funded NT $91,860,000. The Changhua County also funded NT $20,000,000.  

The second stage cost NT $70,000,000 and with the equipment cost of NT$ 10,000,000.


Class schedule

Maximum capacity is 24 classrooms, with the research on Household Registration Office; the average student number will be between 120 and 130. 

The first stage project was focused on 24 regular classrooms. The second stage project was about a small stadium and an art center.






Current status

P       Established ocarina and orchestra club, which allow students to develop their sense of music.

P       Implementation of the Sunshine Time Project which usually occurs on the Wednesday and Thursday mornings of every week. The purpose of Sunshine Time is to give students some extra time to do reading, and for the students that are in the music club, they can use that time to practice.         

P       Fortuitous Performances, which are performances that our students perform at random places around Tianzhong Township, and we also host The Winter Concert, Club performances and the performance night.       

P       Learning promotes personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for others.

P       Establish variety of clubs both academic and non-academic club.




Visions and Values

P       Joyful learning environment, respect people and caring for the local community. 

P       Our campus is a combination of modern infrastructure and with traditional facades.                     

P        As a learning community, teachers here are committed to developing young people to achieve their best potential intellectually, personally and socially.

P       We value the parents of our students; we believe that the parents are our best partners.

P       The school administration room supports the teachers main task of teaching with less pressure.

P       Community development is the goal of co-prosperity for the school's sustainable management.